Blood’s Taint (Legends of Kilrhinn Book #2)

Coming soon in 2023

To help save her sister, she’d betrayed him. Now she needs his help.

Branded a traitor by the Kilrhinns, Katherine Rowes is determined not to let anyone in. Having been freed from the hands of a powerful enemy, she now works as Maranthe’s medic. But when she learns of a clue that may lead to her sister who was taken from her, she gets help from the devastatingly attractive warrior who seems to loathe her… Xander Altea.

He once trusted her.

Wyvern-kin and trusted second of one of their fiercest warlords, Xander is a Kilrhinn warrior who trusts few. But when the woman who once betrayed them reveals her plan to save her sister, he accepts his duty to keep an eye on her. Only Katherine isn’t like what he thought at all, and beneath her tough shell is a woman hurting. This time, he’ll do everything he can to keep her safe.

But as a new enemy approaches, they must race in time against the evil that threatens to destroy them and dig its roots into their city.