Warlord’s Oath (Legends of Kilrhinn Book #1)

 A dangerous warrior holds her captive… But her freedom comes at a price.

Running from a man intent on making her his bride, Freya de Rayne flees her village to hide at the last place he would expect to find her—the city of Maranthe. 

As a Lhianne, born with the ability to manipulate the earth and wind, the last thing Freya expects is to be caught working in the city without a permit. Thrown into prison, she meets the striking warlord Garrett Bradis, who makes her an offer—stay their prisoner… Or work for him.

She didn’t know who he was…

Garrett Bradis, Head of the Vhenn Bradis Family, needs to secure an alliance with the Lhiannes. The storms are growing more vicious, and the Lhiannes are the only ones who can help stop them. He never imagined one would fall right into their laps. Or that the vexing woman would get under his skin.

But when an army of once vanquished beasts rises from the ashes, it might threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.

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